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The beaches of Eastern Coasts of Olympus are some of the most famous entire Greece.
With kilometres of white sand and spotless waters, the beaches at Leptokarya, Skotina, Panteleimon,
Platamon and Neoi Poroi gain each year most of the blue flags, which are rewarded Greek coasts from
the International Program of Light blue Flags.

It is worth visiting:

- In M.D of Leptokarya: the beautiful beach, the archaeological site of "Livithra" and the traditional village
  of Palia Leptokarya.
- In M.D. of Panteleimonas: the central square of Neos Panteleimonas with its wonderful panoramic view
  and traditional taverns, the traditional village of Palios Panteleimonas, the imposing Castle of Platamonas
  and the rare natural beauty of the beach.
- In M.D. of Platamonas: the Castle of Platamonas and its cosmopolitan beach.
- In M.D. of Nei Pori: the traditional village of P. Pori, the wetland of the delta of the Pinios River
  and the wide sandy beaches.
- In M.D. of Skotina: The Church of Christ in the location "Kotres", the traditional village of Ano Skotina.
- Mount Olympus, world famous for its historic interest and rare flora and fauna.
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